Service League Buses

Grant Request: $9,000.00



Our Service League Program is the cornerstone of our #D29Connect Initiative.  #D29Connect strives to create and strengthen the connections between parents-school, students-students, staff-staff, students-staff, and students to the wider community.  Service Leagues is a component of this program with a focus on students working together with staff and parents volunteers on service learning projects.  A critical piece of this work is getting into the community and providing experience to students through a variety of field trips.  In order to accommodate the field trips, we need buses.  On any given Service League day, which take place once per month, we might have 4-5 field trips taking place. Our goal is to have as much experiential learning by as many students as possible so students experience the importance and fulfillment of service learning.

Our request is for 5 buses @$300.00 per event = $1,500 x 6 = $9,000 for  the year