Volunteering Opportunities

There are several ways to get involved with the PTO.  Click on an opportunity to contact a PTO member for more information.

Room Parent

Seeking volunteers in May.  Finalized the first week of school.


Seeking volunteers for the next school year in May.  Finalized one week prior to the first day of school.

Book Fair

Seeking volunteers in September. Event held in October.

Family Fun Night

Seeking volunteers in March.  Event held in June.

Winter Benefit

Seeking volunteers up to two years prior to the event.  Next event is in the winter of 2019.

The PTO consists of an Executive Board, which includes seven positions, and approximately 25 additional Chair Positions that have anywhere from two – five co-chairs, (depending on workload) working together in a variety of ways. There are many opportunities to partake. Some positions are more involved whereas others are a one time- one day obligation. This district in particular is unique given 1) our size and 2) the administration’s appreciation of the PTO’s contributions. They work closely with us to make District 29 as wonderful a learning place as possible for our children. They are receptive and supportive creating a relationship all benefit from. All are welcome to the PTO meetings whether you hold a position or not.